220,000 plays in less than two weeks is a pretty impressive feat, especially for an artist who’s only released one song online, yet that’s what London-based Rationale have achieved with their song ‘Fast Lane’.

By harnessing all the best elements of jangle-pop and downbeat club elements and distilling it into a mellow, sub three-minute smooth jam, replete with distinctive vocals and a catchy riff, and you’ve got everything you need for an infectious earworm.

‘Fast Lane’ doesn’t speed along with urgency like its title suggests. Instead, it builds itself up on the sound of soulful vocals, a hushed backbeat and a glassy, reverb-light bit of synth.

After the first verse though, things rapidly heat up and the slap bass kicks in. Yes, slap bass.

One of the great things about ‘Fast Lane’ is that it brings back these classic, danceable funk elements and disguises them under a sophisticated, contemporary sheen.

The beats are heavy but never overpowering and the glimmering, echoing guitar hook is simply bliss.

Sound of the summer? Quite possibly.

Words by Eve Johnson

Tipped by Ben Ryder-Smith

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