For those that embrace the unintelligible, I give you: ‘Ian Mackaye Made So Much Money Out of Fugazi…’ by Super Luxury.

The full title is almost long enough to satisfy the word count for this review, so I’ll leave the rest out, but no matter how long the title is, the song stays at 3 minutes and 11 seconds of blistering noise.

This is surprising: the song is a nod to 80s punk outfits like Minor Threat and, to some degree, the Descendents, both of which could throw down a great track in about half that time.

Admirably, Super Luxury keeps up their relentless lo-fi riffs for the entire time, crafting a track that radiates the energy of early punk. With the sound quality of a basement show, this song is a delightful, hookless train wreck of the finest variety: a raw and punchy buildup with a high-impact wailing breakdown.

The true irony is in the band name: static-addled screaming vocals and power chords bring the tune to life; the luxury is that they could have made it sound cushier and just didn’t.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Jamie Otsa from Glasswerk

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