Today’s tip is from London-based purveyors of synth-pop, Sykes. ‘Best Thing’ is a riot of digital instrumentation overlaid by the obligatory cleanly chiming lead guitar.

The eponymous Julia’s vocal line is breathy and melodic, the perfect foil for the glassy synths and filtered washes, and her upbringing in Mallorca is clearly audible in the summery, optimistic tone.

Close your eyes and let your imagination run riot – if you’re thinking baggy white suits, keytars and electronic drum pads, perhaps on the neon-lit set of a 30-year-old episode of Top Of The Pops, you’re in good company.

New fans of Sykes from the north-east will may be dismayed to find they’ve missed them playing Newcastle a short twelve hours ago, supporting Kodaline.

Time to dust off the Tardis. No matter, they’ve got a free headline show at The Old Blue Last to celebrate the release of ‘Best Thing’ at the end of the month, so if you’re in the mood for big synth drums and a dose of 1980s retro fever, you’re in luck.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Chris at Disorder Music

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