Cadenza [aka Oliver Rodigan from West London] has developed a bassy production style that has grabbed the attention of Zane Lowe, Diplo & Mad Decent, Toddla T and Shy FX. His Ninja Tuna-esque style has also earned him a temporary spot as part of Major Lazer’s live show.

On ‘Electric Blocks’, the 24 year old enlists the help of UK MC Fem Fel, who provides the perfect counterpoint to Cadenza’s heavy bass and hectic percussion with calculated, restrained rhyme schemes, the likes of which Giggs would be proud.

The track also contains the kind of Eastern vocal sample that will be stuck in your head, irrespective of the fact you’ve no idea what’s being said.

The video, a unique spin on a party scene, is every bit as mesmerising as the track, as Fem Fel blurs the line between star and spectator.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tipped by Kristi Shinfuku from Earmilk

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