It’s peculiar that whilst music is an art form which allows people to exert their true emotions onto paper and then into song, we never quite tell the true story when it comes to sex and physical attraction.

The music industry is full of Ariana Grande’s and Nicki Minaj’s glamourizing what love is like and it’s not too often we get a sonic wake up call to remind us of the real human aspect of it. It takes a special kind of songwriting to put that into song and Anna B Savage is clearly a special kind of songwriter.

The simply titled ‘1’ starts off subtle with an Americana six string summer breeze before Anna’s deep, bare vocal comes into play amidst the underlying atmosphere. Her voice is gorgeous and demands your attention, a bit like Torres or the more obvious comparison Laura Marling. Anna speaks candidly about her past experiences with the opposite sex and questioning her inner thoughts, with her frank poetry.

What’s truly memorable though is the out of the blue explosion of sound towards the end of the song, which undeniably has that wow factor. It’s a taste of things to come with an EP apparently in the pipeline.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Nadine Shah

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