As the title suggests, ‘Backwards’ from Orange County is concerned with a need to change direction and while deceptively simple, it is a perfectly judged brooding piece of melancholic pop that hints of darker things.

From the mournful, nostalgic opening that defines the track’s setting to the eerie quiet of the last few seconds, ‘Backwards’ is entrancing. It may not be a happy place but it is beautiful, with a dreamlike quality reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks Theme.

The vocals are sometimes angry and sometimes ethereal, while the lyrics are filled with a heart-breaking desperation. There is also a tinge of hope delivered most notably through the spine tingling beat, almost as a call to start moving in the right direction.

A solo project from Sunderland’s Shaun Cowell (also a member of indie trio In Vibes), Orange County are certainly not heading backwards and are well worth keeping your eye on!

Words by Aidan Armstrong

Tipped by Jonny Gray from Generator

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