Little is known about HEATH. They have been active on Facebook for less than a month and describe themselves as a group from Brighton. Yet despite the infancy of the band, their first single ‘Give Me Over’ is a cultivated, engaging slice of indie-pop.

The song starts with timid piano progressions before slowly introducing subtle electronic swells. The details of the music become much more intricate and technical as the track builds. It evolves into a faster tempo, with an introduction of strings and heated vocals, before concluding by retracting in a cinematic manner to its stripped-back beginnings. The strong yet vulnerable vocals, comparable to Bastille and Fyfe, capture the confessional, heartbroken emotion of both the music and the lyrics.

Whoever’s involved in this mysterious group has serious ear for musical arrangement. There are artists that have been on the field for years who cannot boast as polished a sound as this group. ‘Give Me Over’ shows humble beginnings for HEATH.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Achal Dhillon from Killing Moon

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