Today’s tip comes from Coquin Migale, who, despite having a name seemingly borrowed from a Guianese goatherd, are actually a young North-East four-piece. Armed only with a few guitars and a youthfully sweary Facebook page, they’re on a mission to single-handedly revive the so-uncool-it’s-almost-cool-again indie-rock genre. ‘Gold’ is taken from their second EP, Feel, released just a month ago, and it neatly summarises their sound.

An urgently-strummed intro explodes into layered guitars, and it’s not long before the languid hook “I feel like I’ve been dreaming” pops into earshot. They tread a well-judged line between weight and delicacy throughout – a minimalist, nakedly-plucked guitar solo vies for airtime with heavy riffage, for instance – and there’s a touch of mathy psychedelia here and there which should do them no harm at all given that genre’s ongoing popularity.

It’s early days for this lot – they released their début EP before ever having played a gig, the cheeky scallywags – but you can already imagine them gracing the rock stage at one of these festival things that the kids have now. And, of course, naming a song after a certain yellow precious metal did Spandau Ballet no harm at all.

Words by Martin Sharman

Tipped by Nick Roberts


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