Today’s tip shows power in intimacy. It’s called Lantern and it’s from North East musician Cape Cub.

Lantern is the perfect name for our first piece of Cape Cub in the way that, like a lantern slowly illuminating a dark room, the light of Cape Cub has come from nowhere and is quickly spreading around the net. As a result a lot of people are talking about this new track on social media and on blogs.

The song begins on a wavy sounding piano, before Cape Cub’s bluesy vocal comes in. Its isolation falls somewhere between Jamie Cullum’s voice and James Blake’s music. This is until the chorus quietly imposes itself, built on pacier piano with uplifting synths sitting modestly in the background.

Cape Cub is a serene world we definitely want to lose ourselves in.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tip by Joe Frankland and Ach at Killing Moon

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