Having just toured with Blood Red Shoes, as well as having gigs alongside the likes of DZ Deathrays, Howling Bells, and write ups in nationals like Q magazine, Tigercub are already generating a lot of buzz, but is it justified? Well yes, yes it is.

Blood Red Shoes agree so much they’re making Centrefold the first release of their new record label Jazz life. It’s hard to argue against it really. Tigercub are another band spearheading a return to a dirty, grungier, lo-fi sound from the UK, but what helps them stand out is the poppy vibes and accessibility of their sound. Centrefold has a rolling rhythm to it that keeps your toes tapping, a singer who sounds not to dissimilar from a Sussex Kurt Cobain (without the crippling stomach pains and drug addictions mind), and with nihilistic love torn lyrics and the scuzziest of guitar solos, it’s damn catchy to boot. All in all this may be the coolest band you’ve stumbled along in quite some time.

Words by David McDonald

Tip by Mark Gordon from Generator NI

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