Fresh off a strong summer spent garnering admirers for their sunny pop japes and a string of gigs at The Old Blue Last, the sickeningly likeable Habitats return to follow up the brilliant Diamond Days with a new single. Peace of Mind is a truly worthy follow-up, taking the sun-dappled joy of its forebear and stretching out the good vibes like an unexpectedly temperate Autumn.

Like all the best pop music, it is deceptively uncomplicated, driven by a taut, lean riff and a bassline to rival Friendly Fires at their grooviest. It’s completely irresistible, too, and in spite of its relative simplicity it’s a piece of music which will draw you back in for more time and time again.

The band will conclude their Old Blue Last residency this Friday (November 7th) with the launch show for Peace of Mind. With support provided by The New Union, The Death of Pop and Three Girl Rhumba, it’s sure to be a hell of a party. If you’re in London that night, you’ll probably want to be a part of it.

Words by Paul Brown

Tip by Joe Frankland 

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