With a name almost as complicated as their sound, Ascot trio Febueder are quickly demonstrating an impressive sonic landscape in their music.

First brought to The Tipping Point’s attention with their impressive debut release, last year’s ‘Soap Carv’, this thrilling trio of 19 year olds return with four minutes of technical and colourful wonderment. For anyone still struggling to come to terms with that name, their Facebook page offers a handy guide to its pronunciation. That’ll be Bermuda with an F. As in Bermuda Triangle. Febueder.

The first single to be taking from their forthcoming second EP release, ‘Lilac Lane’, ‘Owing’ broods with a beautifully relaxed complexity. Always threating to burst with intricate and intense rhythmic patterns, yet always finding itself confined by the throbbing and dominating bass line. Peculiar percussion, performed on various household and natural items, flitters throughout with an organic clang as forceful strumming lurks throughout. Frontman Kieran Godfrey, meanwhile, offers his intriguing lyrics with a rich depth deceiving of his young 19 years, helping to bring to mind a darker, more sinister alt-J.

Febueder then; a three sided polygon well worth getting lost in.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Aled from Chiverin

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