Wood Bruning Savages is apparently as much a lifestyle choice as it is a band name for the Derry based four-piece if their band bio is anything to go by, having left last year’s capital of culture for a more nomadic lifestyle and diet of crap sarnies. Their carefully trimmed beards and clothes make me slightly suspicious mind, but however they live their lives, it’s working!

The frenetic energy from listening to them on record alone is exhilarating, so it’s no surprise to hear BBC’s Tom Robinson hail them as the best live band he’s seen all year, and for them to cause a big stir at Glastonbury. Following on from all this TWBS have released an absolute belter of an anthem in ‘Boom’.

It’s a relentlessly intense song, with big builds and big pay-offs, the stand out vocals and thundering rhythym section command your attention.

Lead singer Paul Connolly’s delivery reminds me of a young James Dean Bradfield back when the Manics had the swagger and attitude of a band wanting to shake up the world. Rather than political fury, TWBS‘ intensity shows the other side of alternative rock, channeling their energy into creating anthemic rock and roll that is accessible, uplifting, and leaves you desperate to join in.

There’s pop hooks-a-plenty crammed into 3 minutes of catchy rock and roll that reminds me of Biffy Clyro when they were on the edge of breaking through to the mainstream, I don’t think it’ll take long before we could be talking about these Nomadic yet surprisingly well coiffured chaps in the same way.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Christopher McBride from The Metaphorical Boat

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