Hailing from North London, Rhett Nicholl has entered into the Tipping Point limelight as somewhat of a mysterious figure. With very little information online, what we do know comes in the form of his début effort ‘Borderline’ and a stunning video created by The Lurkers. An unassuming, down-tempo beginning eases the listener into Nicholl’s sublimely soulful vocals, and as ‘Borderline’ develops there is a sense of rejuvenation and hope that is matched by accompanying soaring choral vocals.

Providing an entire new dimension to the significance of Nicholl’s début, the video for ‘Borderline’ is an artistically brilliant blend of late night urban scenes and stunning rural scenery, combined to create a finely balanced sense of the real and the present along with the distant and the ethereal. With such a strong first step forward, it would be wise to keep you eye on Rhett Nicholl as we head into 2015.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Hector Barley

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