There’s something quintessentially British about Oscar Scheller‘s ‘Kitchen Song’. From the 20-something Londoner’s polite, slightly baritone vocal delivery to the optimistic indie-pop jangle of the track, there’s a charming sense of good old fashioned, well-mannered ‘Britishness’ at play here.

Free from any pretensions or posturing, ‘Kitchen Song’ is sweetly simple, even down to it’s unassuming, everyday lyrics – “drinking, talking, laughing, smoking, walking round, I’m in your kitchen’ – it’s that kind of cheerful unfussiness that us Brits do best. Ultimately, ‘Kitchen Song’ is an infectious slice of pop, and while not much is known about Scheller, here’s hoping he produces more of these irresistibly honest tunes.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Tiffany Daniels

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