As the leaves start to descend and the temperature inevitably plummets, what better way to savour the last remnants of Summer than with the sprightly and fulgent duo, YURS. Their inaugural offering ‘Race’ is a perfect sized slice of guitar driven indie pop with devlish hooks and a deadly chorus that will have you hitting the replay button instantly.

Whilst the finer details of their pairing are still underwraps, what’s clear is that Nick and Henry gel. With the candied vocals and the jerky instrumental twists, it’s all incredibly polished with clean-cut production. From the harmonies right through to the lyrics; there’s a lot of heart in there too, and unlike some guitar driven music at the moment it’s not showy or conceited, it’s pop music and it’s not afraid to show it.

Comparisons have been made with old school Mystery Jets and the intense guitars and gritty melodies do lend themselves towards those sorts of observations but there’s definitely nothing bygone about their sound. And what’s most exciting is that this is only their first foray; already there’s enough pop sensibility to make them a hit with the likes of Radio 1 but also enough intricate guitar work and able production to make even the most discerning music critic take note.

Words by Michelle Lloyd

Tipped by Tom Cotton

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