‘Seven Year Glitch’ is a Rumour Cubes song, and that means cinematic, string-led post-rock. If post-rock’s mandate is to re-contexualise the instruments responsible for 60 years of rock ‘n’ roll, and use them to make a new sort of music, Rumour Cubes are in line with that doctrine. ‘Seven Year Glitch’ is a delicate, arcing song which, though full of ambient beauty, also benefits from an astute listener.

Presumably areference to the infamous ‘seven year itch’ faced by married couples, the title of the song frames the emotional arc of the soundscape. Reading into this brings out interpretative possibilities; is the song lamenting infidelity and disaster? Is it written from experience? Perhaps the duet viola/violin parts, that interact so tragically, represent a couple at a glitch in their relationship, and the listener is peering through the fourth wall at their pained conversation.

Words by Sam Hurst

Tipped by Dan from Echoes and Dust

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