Formerly known as Wildest Dreams, self-styled bedroom duo Holly Mullineaux and Zoe Mead recently underwent a minor name change and are now known as Wyldest. Under their old name they made a mark in the dream pop scene with their track Dark Matter, courting favour from a host of uber hip blogs. A new name and a new release, Wanders is a huge leap forward, firmly setting them apart from their peers.

Wanders retains the hazy, delicate synths, sparse melodic guitars and compelling vocals from their initial offerings, but this time enthuses them with this wonderful all-encompassing vibe; reminiscent of the incredibly atmospheric and nigh on perfect 80s film soundtrack from ‘Manhunter’ (if you don’t know what I mean, search ‘1986 Manhunter film’ on YouTube and you can thank me forty-three glorious minutes later). Wanders also reminds me of the film Drive, supplemented by Kavinsky’s soundtrack; it has a sombre yet beautiful feel, a bit like falling eternally through the clouds in a dream you’ll never wake up from. I don’t know where Wyldest will take me next, but I look forward to finding out.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Unsigned Guide and Rob Platts

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