Over the years I’ve lost track of the amount of bands I’ve had to persevere through at gigs whilst they try in vain to recreate those halcyon days of the nineties, the good bits i mean; those fuzzy, scuzzy days of trippy progressive rock n’ roll pop songs, and the days when grunge and shoegaze finally put to rest the hair metal that had grown so stale so fast. Most of these bands invariably fail, or end up sounding a bit crap (like anything ever put out by Liam Gallagher that his brother didn’t write for him). Brighton based Tusks have managed to avoid the pitfalls so many before them have tumbled into, helped no doubt by looking further back, with their sound being reminiscent of 60s psychedelica, as well as the sounds of Soundgarden, Screaming Trees and Smashing Pumpkins‘ earlier days.

They also provide their own more original stylings; ‘Eyesaw’ their latest release, is held together by a rumbling drum beat that allows for a wash of guitars, pedals, and harmonies to do their thing and take you to another level, leading them to quite rightly be compared to Tame Impala too. There’s a lot of elements working in tandem, yet thankfully this three piece doesn’t over complicate their music (a rare treat in these genres today), allowing everything space to breathe so the listener can revel in every element of the song, and sets them apart as another band who could break out of what is already an exciting Brighton scene.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Ruth Kilpatrick from Amazing Radio

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