Liu Bei‘s debut single – ‘Infatuation’ – is set for release next week (July 7) on Transgressive‘s ever-reliable Paradyse imprint – home to early releases from the likes of Blaenavon and Thumpers. Today we tackle the b-side ‘Atlas World’, which, by all accounts, is as strong a piece of songwriting as its counterpart and deserves every bit as much credit. With recent praise in the NME and ample comparisons to the likes of The Antlers and Money from various corners of the internet, Liu Bei certainly demand the attention with their intense and atmospheric brand of indie rock music. Emotive, cinematic and epic; Liu Bei ooze these qualities in abundance and with absolute ease.

Londoners can catch a first glimpse of Liu Bei on July 10 when the band launch their debut single at the Servant’s Jazz Quarters. Pre-order the ‘Infatuation/Atlas World’ single here.

Words by Neil Wood

Tipped by Linn Branson from Little Indie Blogs

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