Kaya Kaya Records really do know their new music. First gaining prominence with early releases from Glass Animals and Rejjie Snow, they’ve now unleashed the blistering talent that is GEoRGIA. Unrelenting from the beginning, GEoRGIA’s debut track ‘Be Ache’ reveals Georgia Barnes’ history in percussion. Having drummed for the likes of Kwes, Juce, Michachu and the Shapes, and Kate Tempest, Barnes’ employs an infectious drum machine rhythm that drives ‘Be Ache’ along a path that transverses industrial elements of sound along with a soulful vocal line.

In a recent interview, Barnes revealed that she performed all the instrumental elements herself on her debut track, and that we may even be able to expect live shows at some point this year. With the bass heavy harshness so brilliantly underpinning ‘Be Ache’, when GEoRGIA does announce the first tour date, you need to make her live show a priority in your gig diaries.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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