Girls On Drugs are a collaboration between boy and girl. That’s it, that’s all the description they prefer to give about themselves. So allow me to expand. Imagine if the North East’s own Lulu James was fronting The XX, you’re starting to get somewhere to describing their sound. ‘Party Talk’, the latest release from Luke Lount and Kat McHugh is the perfect soundtrack to a post club comedown; when you’re back in someone’s flat, not yet ready to sleep, the chilled out vibes, alluring smoky vocals, and mesmerising beats of Party Talk will wrap themselves around you, and allow you to move from that euphoric club high and into that warm state of well-being to send you off into the night.

Coupled with an extraordinary video, filmed by Orillo Productions and reminiscent of Quentin Jones‘ work with Miley Cyrus (making waves amongst US pop circles) Girls On Drugs look ready to envelop the wider pop world with their music over the next few hazy summer months.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Whiskas

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