I’d love to tell you more about Gossip Column but there doesn’t seem to be much info out there. It’s always good to focus on the music though, and the appropriately named ‘The Beginning of Everything’ is the first song you’ll hear from these guys. It’s a contemplative and darkly rhythmic introspection on a relationship, featuring some accomplished and mysterious lyricism.

Instrumentally, the song sounds like a post-rock tune. The guitars are ably layered and diverse in their tone and find some interesting rhythms. In its sparse and subdued nature, the percussion is of the cymbal-phobic kind that you find on Alt-J songs, adding to an impressive atmosphere of suspense and yearning which envelopes the listener like a cloud of smoke curling out of the speaker/headphones/gramophone (delete as appropriate). For a first outing then, Gossip Column have produced a thoughtful song of murky mystery with some intelligent poetic imagery.

Words by Sam Hurst

Tipped by Tom from Gold Flake Paint

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