Fool for you is an infectious slice of rock and roll pop music, and that’s bloody lucky for Wild Smiles.

See normally when I write these tips I like to do my research (so I look clever & informed enough to keep being sent new music) but honestly, doing so for Wild Smiles almost put me off. Call me shallow but I’m not keen on the name, and I am never a fan of overly long band bios on Facebook, I want music not a bloody life story about a bored man on the dole. What has utterly won me over with Wild Smiles however is past all the usual PR crack their music is simply great dirty pop! Reminiscent of the growing ‘dream pop’ scene in the chorus, and the dirty leather jacket riffs of Pins or even Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the verses, it’s a perfect slice of toe-tapping pop music to dance and shake around to with your partner at any alt/indie night across the country.

So ignore the usual marketing larks, cliche press shots, and the name that would’ve barely been cool in 2008, Wild Smiles are writing some of the catchiest, accessible rock and roll around right now. Hey i guarantee there’ll be a WILD SMILE on your face after hearing this! (Thank you and goodnight).

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Mary Chang

Photo by Steve Gullick

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