We’ve asked some of our tippers, writers and media types to give us their top 5 tips for Evolution Emerging which kicks off this Saturday (24th May) and will see 40 artists play across 9 venues in Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley.

‘I’ll be starting my evening with Screaming Maldini (winners of the Sentric Music slot!), a cheeky 15 minutes of International Departures followed by Gallery Circus who rather impressed me at Sound City the other week. Onwards to the utterly superb live act which is Vinyl Jacket before finishing my evening with Boy Jumps Ship. Then maybe a whisky. Maybe. I’m trying to watch my weight you see.’ Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music

As usual, I’ll be strapping on my winged sandals for Evo this year, trying to catch as much as possible! I’ll start out at The Cluny for the ever-wonderful Crooked Hands, leg it up to the Cumberland for the end of Yellow Creatures, fly to the Star & Shadow to catch some rockstep action with Rossi Noise, tumble down Stepney Bank to Cluny 2 for International Departures (who stole the show at the NARC. stage at Stockton Calling!), pop into The Cluny for Gallery Circus, have a stroll (quickly!) along the river to the Tyne Bar to catch the hotly tipped Avalanche Party, hang out for a bit of Boy Jumps Ship then finish the night in chilled out style with Bridie Jackson & The Arbour at Cluny 2. Phew! Claire Dupree, NARC. Magazine

This years Evo Emerging line up has seemingly been built specifically with an additional goal of helping me get into shape. Cheers Generator. I’ll start my night up in The Cumberland arms watching Yellow Creatures blast out some of their cinematic post punk which has earnt them a spot as one of my favourite North East bands before sprinting down those steep steps & up Stepney Bank to Blank Studios. Euan Lynn impresses me more every time I see him play so I’ll be darned if i don’t catch his set! It’s then another job up the hill to see High Tide 15:47 in The Cumberland since everyone & their Mother has told me ‘oh you have to see them you’ll love them.’ Depending on how much breath is left in me it’ll either be a sprint back to the Star and Shadow to witness the bizarre & enticing sounds of Grey Tapes, or have my heart & soul blasted by the sheer intensity of Avalanche Party over at the Tyne (still running but no hill). Finally I’ll dash over to The Cluny to see if my now no doubt much slender (albeit very sweaty) frame can squeeze in to the main room for what will be a rammed set from local hero The Lake Poets, singing lovely songs about dead trees in fields. If you see me around a cup of water would be lovely ta. David McDonald, NARC. Magazine & The Tipping Point

Such is the quality and depth of this year’s Evo Emerging lineup, I’ll be darting across the Ouseburn Valley practically the whole evening in an effort to catch the very best in local talent. The Cluny will be my starting point for the festivities with alt-rockers Crooked Hands tasked with getting my evening off to a flying start. Next stop will be a trip to Blast Studios for promising singer-songwriter Mat Hunsley’s intimate performance before High Tide 15:47 provide my shoegaze fix at The Cumberland Arms. Vinyl Jacket’s indie pop vibes coupled with Bridie Jackson & The Arbour’s exquisite live show at Cluny 2 will provide Evo Emerging 2014 with the perfect finale. Roll on the weekend! Matty Aston, Tune Army

‘I’ll be situated in my usual spot at the top of Stepney Bank where I’ll be managing the four venues up there, with them all being so close together I’m going to dart between them to catch as much as possible (and of course make sure everything is running smoothly!). I’ll start with the dark brooding electronics of Zyna Hel at Star & Shadow Cinema before catching the promising alternative folk of Mat Hunsley at Blast Studios, as well as popping in to see our secret special guests I’ll be enjoying the lo-fi noise of Teessiders Mouses at The Tanners before ending the night at Star & Shadow Cinema with the synth-pop of Fractions and electronic collective Grey Tapes. A perfect way to get ready for the aftershow, see you in the valley!’ Bob Allan, Evolution Emerging/The Tipping Point

“This year I’ll be starting out at The Cluny and working backwards (or forwards, depending on how you look at it). Screaming Maldini are one of my favourite bands from outside the region and so I’m really excited to see their quirky prog-pop come to life in a live setting, before hot-toeing it over to Blast Studios to catch Mat Hunsley‘s hotly anticipated set. From there I plan on making the short trip to The Tanners in order to see Teesside duo Mouses before returning to Blast Studios for the sickeningly talented Immy Williams‘ set. Then, it’ll be over to Cluny 2 for Bridie Jackson and the Arbour before rounding things off with a boogie at the Official Aftershow Party.” Chris Smith, Tune Army

“This year we’ve added a couple of artists we’ve unearthed from further afield through The Tipping Point to the Evo Emerging lineup. I’m really excited that Blessa will be making their Newcastle gig debut before they release debut EP ‘Love is an Evol Word’ next month. The dream-pop five-piece from Sheffield stunned packed crowds at Sound City and The Great Escape and play The Cluny at 9.45pm. Londoners venture up the M1 for their set at Cluny 2 and guarantee good vibes. If you’ve not checked out their track ‘Turn Your Light On’ then you’re in for a treat! I also can’t wait to catch Dartz! founder Henry Carden’s new band International Departures at Cluny 2, High Tide 15:47 at The Cumberland Arms and Sam Laxton’s DJ set at the Official Aftershow at Star & Shadow Cinema.” Joe Frankland, Evolution Emerging/The Tipping Point

I’ll be kicking off my Evolution Emerging this year by catching Sam Fender and the captivating and enchanting rawness of his soulful folk. I’ve never seen Matt Hunsley live. Nor have I taken a bath in honey. However, if recent single ‘Au Contraire’ is anything to go by, seeing his rich, smooth tones live will be just like being bathed in the golden stuff. Recently, I’ve found myself falling for ’s compelling and rewarding complex wonderment. I’ll be seeing it in full flow at The Cluny 2.

I’ll be ending my night by catching The Lake Poets headline set at The Cluny. The melancholic Mackem Springsteen has a great knack for interweaving fascinating tales of his hometown heroes into heart-warming, gut wrenchingly honest and beautiful melodies.

Scientists haven’t yet perfected the human cloning process, but that won’t stop me spending the rest of this week hunched over a desk in my secret laboratory, slaving away creating my own doppelganger to ensure I catch Bridie Jackson and The Arbour. Their secret surprise set at last year’s event was a personal highlight; as such I’ll be pretty much damn near the front for their eccentric blend of far out folk on Saturday. George Shaw Spark FM/The Tipping Point

  1. Henry Carden says:

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    H: Me and The Band (John & The Ragmen) are heading up to Newcastle this Saturday for Evolution Emerging. We’re on in Cluny 2 at 8:30pm – be lovely to see you there! Big thanks to Simon from Sentric, Claire from NARC and Joe from Generator for tipping us in The Tipping Point’s Evo Emerging preview… very kind of y’all!

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