Tom Misch is very quickly making a name for himself within the realms of the blogosphere, having already worked on several collaborations and gaining the attention of several key tastemakers. What makes Tom’s work that much more impressive is the fact he has developed a sonic maturity at the tender age of 18, demonstrating an understated yet burgeoning level of potential both as an artist and a producer.

His current stand out project is his work with Carmody, and ‘Release You’ stands as a crystallising example of both Tom’s production and vocal skill set. Operating in a vocal cannon, the structure of ‘Release You’ immediately draws the listener in both in it’s lustful beat and instrumental nuances, along with an expertly played lyrical narrative.

At what is clearly an early stage for Tom, his first creative reaches that are drawing an ever browning level of attention demonstrate a very large level of promise and we eagerly await his first solo release.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Will Tompsett from Music Broke My Bones

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