To discover that a band is from Liverpool instantly sets one’s mind on a certain track: will they display the cheeky melodicism of a La’s, or perhaps be proponents of the burgeoning psychedelic scene increasingly associated with Merseyside?  Intriguingly, Veyu manage to be both, and simultaneously neither, a ying-yang trick which makes their music even more compelling.

Today’s tip ‘The Everlasting’ (double-A side, whatever that means nowadays, with ‘Running’), is a five-minute epic of arpeggiated filigree guitar, nimbi of smooth, layered vocals, not to mention a gamut of atmospheric synth.  A song constructed in several movements, the vocals drop out with more than two minutes left to run, by which point the band are left to indulge their heady ambition, trading elegant guitar licks whilst urging towards an emphatic conclusion.

Veyu’s Merseybeat roots are betrayed in their clear guitar tones and keening vocal lines, but their imagination stretches far beyond three minutes and three chords.  Theirs is the ethereal world, a rainbow reflection of humdrum reality, a refracted dimension seen through a prism of decades of agglomerated musical history, always there but glimpsed only occasionally, like the Yellow Submarine hovering in the background as Ringo shuffles down Hope Street.  Like their musical forefathers, Veyu weave a complex musical fabric from their conventional guitar band elements.  With their Fallout Factory arts space base giving them the freedom to host A/V events to which their music is perfectly suited, Veyu stand a very high chance of becoming the new sound of Liverpool.

Tipped By Chris Bye
Words By Martin Sharman

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