Gymnastics has a lot more in common with music than you might think. Probably anyway. Behind every beautiful, slick display of fluid agility – there’s strict restraint. Within every display of, what appears to be, free flowing expressionism, there’s a thrilling rigidity to each and every move. In short -they’re two disciplines where every step counts and every note matters.

Manchester based duo Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon, in naming themselves Gymnast, have pinpointed this precisely and it’s something they demonstrate charmingly in ‘Geneva’, their debut release on Gizeh Records. Sitting somewhere between alt-pop, trip-hop, and electronica, their debut track is an assured release, holding a sound that moves both heart and feet.

‘Geneva’ glides with a graceful elegance, pirouetting through atmospheric synths and spiralling into bold, hypnotic beats. Wilcock’s ethereal vocals cast wonderful cartwheels, vaulting over juddering beats as they begin to tumble their way towards a perfect dismount. A near perfect ten.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Chris Horkan from Hey! Manchester

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