There is something rather spell-like in the brief description given of Sun Up, ‘Dreamy Scando-pop band from Hackney, London’.  There is an element of Sun Up that is instantly on trend, as there are an ever-growing number of exciting new artists emerging from Scandinavia. Moreover, this connection to London brings the band’s sound instantly into one of our own beating hearts of culture, allowing their debut effort ‘Machines’ to draw upon a set of influences that result in a near perfectly composed sound.

Machines’ itself requires several listens to be best understood and enjoyed.  The vocals of Frøydis are instantly identifiable and tenderly passionate, however it is only once you’ve allowed the track to settle on you that you truly appreciate the anthemic instrumentation. Full of crashing percussion and sublime pop melodies, ‘Machines’ may not be the finished product but it is a very striking example of arguably one of the UK’s most exciting new bands.

Tipped by Tom – Gold Flake Paint

Words by Ben Blackburn

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