Historically when Britain went through some really tough times politically and economically we saw punk rock rise to the forefront. The Clash, Sex Pistols, and later Joy Division, Siouxsie & The Banshees all came to the forefront and represented a cultural shift, capturing the zeitgeist and the frustration of the times. Such raw and expressive music acted as an essential tool for both cultural progression and the healing process for  entire generations. Now, once again the country is in a time where the youth are being told they have no money, no jobs, and nothing to do with increasing cultural cuts. So what do we have for our generation? Robin bloody Thicke and Sam Smith. So thank fuck we still have some angry youths in shit towns prepared to come out and shake things up a bit.

Bad Breeding are a group of guys stuck in Stevenage. Produced by musical chameleon Tarek Musa (whose studio is a bathroom), their music is raw, visceral, brutal and discordant. ‘Age of Nothing’ has a brooding intensity that eventually cascades into an all out assault screaming about this ‘age of nothing’. The little online presence they have is similarly intense, and they remind me of the band Die Princess Die, a little known Californian outfit who were once described as ‘the sound of a nail bomb going off in the venue’. Bad Breeding are more like an IED in your ears. They come from nowhere, but when they hit, the shock and intensity makes for a devastating impact.

Words by David McDonald

Tipped by Rob Platts

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