London based singer songwriter Rose Betts already has gigs at a number of prestigious venues in her home town under her belt and she’s impressed enough to earn herself first place in the renowned “SONGSLAM” competition held at The Regal Room, Hammersmith. After a few listens to ‘Teach Me To Love’, it’s easy to see why the enchanting youngster is winning so many fans.

Rose’s gorgeous voice takes centre stage here, and rightly so. Her powerful, ethereal vocals are sprinkled, soaring gracefully above the delicately stroked piano keys that sparkle throughout the track’s backbone. With her elegant and accomplished delivery, comparisons between Betts and Regina Spektor are inevitable but, here, entirely justified. In fact, ‘Teach Me To Love’ comes across as so beautifully matured and so rich in its angelic wonderment, that had you heard this on Radio 2 this morning without knowing the real voice behind it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the latest from Ms Spektor herself.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Jen from Golden Slippers

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