Yesterday I was enjoying a nice, peaceful drive away from Silverlink Shopping Park. Of course, it being a Sunday afternoon, the drive was neither nice nor peaceful. It was, however, made that little brighter when I tuned into BBC Radio 1 and happened to catch Huw Stephens spinning ‘Oh My Love’, a beautiful ode to being in love from Londoner Layla.

It marks a stark contrast to her recent release Yellow Circles. Gone are the bright, vibrant colours and irresistible upbeat pop hooks that adorned the EP’s titular track, replaced here with a monochromatic, melancholic melody. Layla pours her heart into a vocal delivery that’s packed full of emotions, ranging from joy to sadness, pain to comfort and contentment – all beautifully and emphatically portrayed in the stark video that accompanies the song.

It’s so captivating that it almost makes you miss the luscious melodies twinkling in the background, as pianos and strings play sweetly off each other. It has a gorgeous effect, making ‘Oh My Love’ a wondrous winter warmer, feeling just like an affectionate cuddle from a loved one.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Dave Maul from Monkeysuit

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