‘Beckon Blue’, a tranquil and melancholic track, is the latest record by Atlas a four-piece alternative indie band from Birmingham who are pretty much unknown outside the midlands. However, within the midlands they are slowly but surely building a reputation for themselves, thanks to their mixture of modern indie-rock, brooding baselines and an unhealthy love for reverb drenched vocals.

Beckon Blue showcases the band’s immersive sound with its hauntingly spacious riffs, which create an eerie feel, and yearning vocals that draw you further into its dark pool of temperate abyss. The twang of guitar creates a bluesy feel and warm lull that is later replaced with shimmering guitars and cymbals, adding light to this shrouded track which builds until the inevitable but euphoric breakdown takes over.

It’s a dark and sumptuous track– like a sirens song that is tempting you to dip your head below the murky water. Atlas are tempting you to explore the more mysterious and ruminate indie rock that’s out there.

Words by Ruth Edmundson

Tipped by Shell Zenner

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