Adrift from his hit-chasing EDM contemporaries, electronica visionary Max Cooper is sailing a very different ocean; one where synths and science effortlessly intertwine to create bold, cinematic techno. Featuring long-time collaborator Kathrin DeBoer, Cooper’s new single “Adrift” is a woozy fusion of glitchy percussion, ethereal vocals and echoey pianos.

Backed by a PhD in computational biology, the Northern Ireland native brings an intellectual edge to his productions. Inspired to become a full-time musician after losing funding for his geneticist job, Cooper’s career change has been extraordinary. Described by IDJ as “one of the most peerlessly beautiful recording artists in modern dance music”, science’s loss has been electronica’s gain.

Firmly rooted in the complex, Mercury Music Prize-winning productions of Roni Size and Reprazent, “Adrift” proves there’s still room for experimentation in dance music. Haunting and hypnotic, it’s a beautifully understated slice of contemporary techno. A million miles from the generic dancefloor fodder that often dominates the genre; it highlights the extent to which true artistry runs deep through the circuit board.

Words by Toby Rogers

Tipped by Momentum Fund and Chris Bye from Arts Council England & Fresh on the Net

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