‘Station’ is a sumptuous downtempo track created by Holly Lapsley a 17- year-old producer, of atmospheric electronic music, from Liverpool. Her music revolves around her unique downtempo production style as well as influences from house, garage and bass.

Her latest track, ‘Station’, encompasses an array of ambient electronic sounds that give the song an overwhelming sense of warmth, her music evokes visualizations of something precious and unknown. Lapsley’s ability to keep things calm and collected while at the same time spinning an intricate golden musical web of intriguing sounds and disjointed vocals, creates a unique listening experience. After listening once you’ll be hooked.

Apart from her music there is not much more information about Lapsley herself. However, she is one to watch as some are hailing her to be possibly the UK’s answer to Lorde. In the meantime if you’d like to hear more of her music I’d recommend her Monday EP available to listen to now on her Soundcloud.

Words by Ruth Edmundson

Tipped by Robin Seamer from Breaking More Waves

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