While Eaves may be a new face here in the limelight of Tipping Point Towers, I have been following his development since mid last year as he would upload new demos seemingly without warning and then proceed to go through weeks of radio silence. While perhaps slightly frustrating to an avid follower, of which I’m one, the tracks that did make it onto the precipice of his soundcloud were all incredibly promising efforts that never failed to impress.

Hailing from Leeds, Eaves, otherwise known as Joseph Lyons, appears to have spent several years perfecting his craft by working with different producers, in varying spaces, and playing small, intimate shows across the country. The word organic is rather over used, however in the development of Eaves I believe it’s use is entirely fitting. The result of this organic creative development has so far climaxed to ‘Spin’, a hauntingly beautiful track that displays Eaves’ potential with striking clarity. Drawing influences from the likes of Alexi Murdoch, Willy Mason, and the pop sensibility of Ben Howard, ‘Spin’ immediate engages the listener and is almost impossible to remove yourself from until it reaches it’s satisfying conclusion.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Josh Dalton from Crack in the Road & Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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  1. […] Beispiel heute mit Eaves. Den jungen Singer-Songwriter aus Leeds haben wir bei unseren Freunden vom Tipping Point entdeckt. Hinter Eaves steckt Joseph Lyons. Ein Songwriter, der sich einem altmodischen Sound […]

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