There are certain occasions in which the first few seconds of a track stand as a statement of intent, and Ulla Nova’s ‘Kid From London’ most certainly falls into that category. Immediately engaging, Ulla Nova’s debut track draws you in with a hypnotic beat matched with vocals reminiscent of fellow British songstress M.I.A. In true pop fashion, the listener isn’t required to wait long until the chorus first blossoms into effervescent life. It is clear from the arrangement of Nova’s first effort that she is positioned to be presented as a strong, vibrant pop star, as her vocal lines lead what is an anthemic piece of music.

Little is currently known about Nova, with all of her press shots cleverly disguising her face, and her slender biography simply refers to her as a songstress. However this lack of information, which admittedly isn’t particularly a unique trait for emerging acts, is refreshing for an artist that will eventually move to the front with plenty of energy and visual furore. Having recently performed dates with Bipolar Sunshine, and a debut EP rumoured for early 2014, Ulla Nova is certainly a one to watch in the coming months.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Hector Barley from The 405

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