If you come into this article already knowing the name Rosie Lowe, it is most likely due to her appearance on Lil Silva’s ‘No Doubt’ earlier this summer. Since then Lowe has been hard at work with producers Kwes, and Dave Okmumu of The Invisible, and she is set to release her debut EP ‘Right Thing’ on the 2nd December. Released on 37 Adventures, which includes the likes of Basement Jaxx and Pale as alumni, Lowe’s EP has already surfaced in part on the internet with the streaming of ‘Me & Your Ghost’, and title track ‘Right Thing’. Both tracks have inspired critical acclaim throughout the blogosphere, and plays on BBC Radio 1 and XFM have only compounded Lowe’s sharp rise to widespread recognition.

Abeano recently described Rowe’s voice as ‘a chocolate fountain made of purest praline’. If that vivid image itself wasn’t tempting enough, ‘Right Thing’ is a four minute, thirty eight second period of utter listener indulgence. Beginning as a rather straight forward piano ballad, the track expands into an exploration of melancholy and regret, with Lowe’s vocals occupying the space in the most beautiful and ingenious ways.  While she may be a relative unknown at the moment, prepare to hear a lot more about Rosie in 2014.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Grant Brydon

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