I write this piece as I struggle to calm myself into a state of sleep, with my current levels of excitement peaking as I realize I’ll be in New York in only a matter of hours.  Therefore when I clicked play on Sea Pinks’, ‘An Exploded View’, I don’t think I should have been quite as surprised that the track is doing nothing to ease my restless mind. Fuzzy, filled with melody, and undeniably infectious with its energetic rhythm, ‘An Exploded View’ merges highlights of The Shins and The Coral.

The project of the drummer Neil Brogan, formerly of Girls Names, Sea Pinks hail from Belfast and are currently releasing with local label CF Records. In fact, CF has released the very track you can listen to above on limited edition 7” vinyl, and I’d recommend purchasing one post haste. With the blogosphere already in strong support of Sea Pinks, they are certainly a one to watch as 2013 comes to a close.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Grace Loughrey from Generator NI and Oli Kluczewski from Roundhouse

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