Darlia have been dubbed as “the most exciting new guitar band in the UK” by Radio 1′s Nigel Harding, apparently. While rattling through ‘Napalm’, you can almost feel yourself getting swept up in that hype. Almost.

Loved by Zane Lowe, the latest track to be taken from the Blackpool trio’s upcoming EP Knock Knock is an enthralling assault of distorted riffs and snarling vocals. It has a youthful vigour to its sharp chucks of jagged rock, bringing to mind The Subways around that time they were dubbed “one of the most exciting new rock bands in the UK.”

Frontman Nathan Day snarls his way through three minutes of uncompromising, raw rock, as frantic percussion and blistering guitars merge into a delightfully messy cacophony of sound. It’s raw, it’s energetic and it has more Hooks than a New Order bassist family reunion.

Oh and Fearne Cotton loves them too. But don’t let that put you off.

Words by George Shaw

Tripple Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio,  Stephen O’Reilly and  Rob Platts from AJPR 

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