’14 Hours’ is a spectacular chill-out track, with some classic Motown flare, from the highly secretive Society. It is only with this second single, following on from ‘All We’ve Become’ released in 2012, that this mysterious project has unveiled its self to be the work of, 24-year-old, London based singer Jamie Girdler. Little more has been said but from the cinematic music video he appears to brush up well, have a love for buttoned up shirts and 70’s soul.

14 Hours makes for perfect easy listening; with it’s euphoric choruses, smooth organ grooves and a sophisticated Motown touch. It is sample heavy but manages to combine both the old and new in perfect harmony, as muted brass is interlaid with trip-hop beats. Jamie’s soulful melancholy vocals add a noir hue to the track and a sense of grandeur along with the looped vaulting choir vocals, which echo over the slickly produced track.

14 Hours is out now via Angular Recordings Corporation and Society are due to debut their live show at London’s Sebright Arms on October 1st.

Words by Ruth Edmundson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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