Dundonian four piece Model Aeroplanes are yet another boisterous band bursting onto the scene with great exhilaration. Such excitement is reflected in their latest release ‘Crazy’. At 2 minutes 35 seconds, there is little time to breathe, an up-beat, up-tempo explosion of bliss. The youthful vibrancy of the verse is matched in parallel to the exquisitely catchy chorus – the ‘crazy for you’ hook is sure to follow anyone’s ears around.

Yet it’s the thirty seconds outro that tops it all off, an outro that would leave any crowd panting with exhaustion, yet chanting out for more. The band has youth on their side, and with a performance at T in the Park already under their belt, who knows what’s possible! Expect big things.

Words by Matthew Varty

Tip courtesy of Mary Chang

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  1. […] Dundee’s Model Aeroplanes yet. I think they’re great – I tipped them last autumn on Generator’s Tipping Point, so it’s not like I haven’t been in the know, […]

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