After the launch of ‘Romance‘ two weeks ago, Liam Rutherford, AKA Mast, has gathered plenty of hype – airtime on Radio 1 being the pinnacle of such attention. It’s no surprise either, ‘Romance’ is captivating: four minutes, sixteen seconds of pure excitement, beginning with a steady build up of Glaswegian whispers and culminating in an ecstatic release of energy which creates the most uplifting of choruses. Pop music at its finest. Yet the lyrics somewhat subvert the positivity of the song, with the repetitive chant “You’ve only had the best of me” which could be a sarcastic link to sorrow, underlined by the later line “I wish you all the best”. However the undisputed joy of the song leaves the listener with nothing but optimism, unadulterated optimism.

Mast has truly announced himself to the world in a majestic manner – let the hype continue.

Words by Matthew Varty

Tip courtesy of Halina Rifai

One Response to “MAST”
  1. It’s a great song and deserves success!

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