A former winner of the BBC New Songwriter competition and former session singer, Haze aka. Hazel Tratt has recently struck out on her own, making music so delicately intimate and sincerely heartfelt that it almost feels intrusive to listen. The beautifully understated ‘My Love’ has a bewitching quality, producing the sensation that Haze could be sat right next to you quietly cooing directly into your ear rather than through your speakers. It’s a testament to Haze‘s skill as a songwriter that a song so subtle as ‘My Love’ can be just as, if not more affecting than a track with an overblown array of instrumentation.

The foundation of ‘My Love’ is based upon simple keys, with a smattering of gentle percussion and lilting saxophone, but its easy to completely overlook any instrumentation as you are carried away by Haze‘s vocals. Sweet yet smoky, her tones have drawn comparison to The CardigansNina Persson, Joni Mitchell and even Dusty Springfield. While this is an impressive club to be part of, Haze is certainly a unique talent in her own right.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Dave Maul from Monkeysuit Music

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