This 4-piece from Reading have a simple and rather apt ‘about’ section on their Facebook; ‘more refreshing than sunshine’, and I couldn’t put it better myself. Sat alone looking at an overcast day after all this sunshine anyone could be forgiven for feeling a bit down, but one play of Sundara Karma‘s newest offering ‘Freshbloom’ and you’ll feel like you soaking up rays on a Caribbean coast.

Despite still being only 17 years old these boys have already perfected the soundtrack to looking back at halcyon days gone by, and join the ranks of previous Tipping Point alumni Dan Croll and Jethro Fox in creating beautiful music awash with shimmering guitars, uplifting beats and melodies arranged in such ways that’d make Brian Wilson jealous and will no doubt soundtrack your summer for years to come.

Go get yourself a free download of ‘Freshbloom’ and it’ll be like the sun never left us.

Words by David McDonald 

Tip courtesy of Dave Maul from Monkeysuit Music

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