Tracks don’t come much fresher than this. Real Lies are a brand spanking new band, and their music is getting released on a brand new London label, Sweet Exile.

Pushing aside the fact that both the band and label are new and looking at the music itself, ‘Deeper’ is one for those lazy, hazy summer days.

As those sunshine synths and vocal flourishes suggest, this track fits perfectly with notions of misspent youth, summer trips and chasing lost causes.

The bedroom electronica-pop trio Real Lies have another two double A-side releases on Sweet Exile to follow, where a track entitled ‘World Peace’ is on the flipside to ‘Deeper’.

On the single, Real Lies said the vocal lead line on ‘Deeper’ is “…a confessional monologue about trying to recreate going on holiday in London… Have we tried it? Yeah, we’ve been doing it for the last three years! When the sun comes out in London there’s no better place.”

For a debut release, this is pretty darn impressive, and it will be interesting to see what Real Lies come up with next.

Something that is also pretty darn impressive is the video for ‘Deeper’, which is four minutes and forty seconds of analogue-inspired wonderment.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tipped by Josh from Dots and Dashes

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