In a week where Thom Yorke has been hitting the headlines for making his mouth go, it’s nice to be reminded why so many fell head over heels for him in the first place – making music. Even if that timely reminder comes in the form of a sample. The sample in question is that smooth piano taken from his 2006 solo effort ‘The Eraser’ and it forms the backbone of ‘Human Heart’, the latest track from 17 year old (I know, right), London based producer Mom Tudie.

Backed by the considerable vocal talent of Bridget Spencer, ‘Human Heart’ is an impressively astute blend of a wide range of influences. What begins as a refreshing slab of chilled out R&B gradually starts to gently pull at the strings of other genres, before delicately unraveling into an immersive, dub influenced, jazz-infused, electro-pop lucid dream – all complete with trumpet solo.  Be sure to take time to listen to this one. Just, er… not on Spotify, yeah?

Words by George Shaw

Tip courtesy of Will Tompsett from Music Broke My Bones

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