‘No Good’, an alluring song that draws you in with its silky smooth scuzz back beat, soon becomes a deep pool of post-grunge sludge that flows into your ears, is the second single by Birmingham based trio Heavy Waves who have recently supported the likes of PeaceSwim Deep and SplashhBets are if you enjoy those guys then Heavy Waves will compliment your music playlist.

‘No Good’ is a dark, moody, sunkissed lo-fi break-up record; composed of a steady back beat of slow rhythmic drumming which sounds like a thumping heart weighed down with regret, layers of wailing guitar that resonating throughout, distorted vocals, and mellow baseline make this record into an intricate and intense melodic slice of indie rock.

What’s striking about this song is how it’s sound contrasts with it’s origin. Contrived in the heart of the Black Country ‘No Good’ feels more at home on the sunny coast of California. What cements this notion is the fuzzy, sweeping vocals that give the song a surfer-pop vibe. However thanks to it’s infectious melodies this track can be enjoyed come rain or shine.

Words by Ruth Edmundson 

Tipped by Linn Branson from Little Indie Blogs

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