You know those dream musical pairings that simply hit you, appearing so obvious that you feel slightly ashamed you hadn’t thought of them before hand? Well I believe Oceaán, a recent Tipping Point featured artist, and Abigail Wyles would be such a pairing, as they both find the brilliance in the minimalist space. Both artists craft infectious beats and lay over their respective dulcet tones to create tracks which are as beautiful as they are striking. However, Oceaán has had his time in the spotlight, and today our eye of inspection and scrutiny falls of Abigail Wyles.

London based, Essex Born; Abigail Wyles is set to release her debut album through MTA Records in the not so distant future, and ‘Mantra’ receives its official release on the 11th August. A very strong debut effort that took the blogosphere by storm, the production work on ‘Mantra’ is the product of Holly Simpson, and as a result this track has made it quite clear this is a fiercely talented duo. Though there are no live dates planned at the moment, one cannot but help become very excited by the prospect of witnessing tracks like ‘Mantra’ in the flesh.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Dan Carson from The Line Of Best Fit

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