Cinders‘, a beautiful song that creeps and slides into your ears initially, soon formulates into a powerful ballad of electronic romance, is a creation by UK producer LuQus and featuring Magdalena Wolk; it exhibits the wonderful up-and-coming producers’ talent and Magdalena’s.

‘Cinders’ is a very futuristic, warm, ambient love song; enhanced by its crisp drums which sound almost as if droplets of water being plummeting into a mountain pool inside some crevasse, echoing for miles – whereby the warm analog synths paint over the soundscape of ambience, refined drums, processed vocals, and shakes of maracas turning it into a powerful ballad of warmth and heart. It’s like Boards of Canada in love.

If this song isn’t already powerful enough, it’s changed dramatically by the beautiful serenada of Magdalena Wolk who contrasts with the echoes and ambience of LuQus, giving the song even more heart and feeling, turning an already great piece of music into a bloody brilliant piece of music.

Words by Scott Houghton

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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